I believe that everybody has stories worth listening to and that we all have a lot more in common than we realize. One of the most beautiful things about reading and writing is that it offers up pieces of our souls in bite-sized amounts that people can consume and relate to.

Email me at: johntesiwrites@gmail.com or give me a text/call at: (817) 201-0088 if you want me to come through your town or just want to chat.




  1. John: Good luck!!! I have friends who did this ride a year ago. Total adventure. I still have your sketch of the F40 when I took you for a wild ride on your 13th birthday. Yes, still own the car. My wife, Lila and I love cycling and just did a Century in the Napa Valley called the Tour of Napa Valley. she is now doing sprint and soon to be Olympic Tri’s.
    Be well safe and God’s speed to you.

  2. Just watched your acquisition on BaT from here in Montana. Nicely done. Enjoy your travels and look me up if you’re passing through this beautiful state!

  3. John, I enjoyed your Porsche story! I just found out about you on BaT from their newsletter this morning. I’m also an avid BaT reader (and sometimes bidder).

  4. Well written captures true angst of driving a 911s in suburbia watching oil temperature oil pressure oil supply gages screaming at untermesnchen impeding your airflow.I had 911s I sold on ebay as stress of warping heads in traffic was tough.well written and very engaged writing style.take your 911sc up us 1 thrust big sure and up Oregon coast to Lincoln city amazing drive scenarios and seafood in crescent city and write more very engaging style.

  5. Watching the BAT bidding thread, I was convinced you were a 67 year or older retiree. A big whtie mammal perhaps. Then I saw the photo, Then I jumped to the conclusion that you were a dot com millionaire brat. That I read further. And I couldn’t stop. I really enjoyed it all and I am humbled and inspired.

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