Heeeeerrreeee we go

The time has finally come, and it snuck up deceptively fast. Tomorrow will be my last day at home before heading east to Florida and starting the journey west. Cities that are definitely on the radar to pass through:

Tallahassee – New Orleans – Austin – El Paso – Tempe – San Diego

If you live in these places (or anywhere roughly in-between) or know anyone who does, please say so! It’ll be nice to see friendly faces every once in a while.

I’ve been re-reading Walden lately, and I think people forget how devilishly funny Thoreau was. I’m just about positive we would’ve been best friends. I think I’ll be tucking my copy into the saddlebag next to the Bible, for he is equally quotable and almost as authoritative.

I see the picture of my dog sticking her face out the window of my car and I feel that same giddy, base joy that Thoreau sought at Walden Pond and that I am experiencing now just imagining what is about to happen. Lest we forget, Henry David lived in the woods but did not avoid people. That’s kinda what I’ll be doing–camping, couchsurfing, and vagabonding about, all while meeting people and exploring big cities and small towns alike. Living with nothing but the basics and viewing everything else transiently and objectively. Occasionally indulging in the luxuries that are warm showers, real beds, and cooked food. And finding out what really happens when you get down sleeping bags wet…

It’s easy to get overwhelmed looking at a map of the United States, but I prefer to think about it in 50-80 mile bites of rich, cultured experiences. I’ve already got couchsurfing hosts lined up in Saint Augustine so I can set up my bike and stay dry the first night. Looks like ole Isaac will be clearing the roads just a week or two ahead of us as we push westward along the Gulf Coast.. Thankfully things should be clear and (mostly) dry by the time I roll through.

Nothing too profound to note, other than the fact that I got suckered into buying the domain www.johntesi.com so my escapades are easier to find on the web and easier to show to your friends (again, only in class/at work/on rainy days).

Hope ya’ll are ready to watch the beard and hair go wild and see me in the same three shirts for the next two months.

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